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“When eduScrum started in chemistry lessons in the Netherlands in 2011, and the eduScrum community of passionate educators and learners began to grow, we never had it in mind to require specific certifications. In keeping with the mindset that we had when we co-created eduScrum together with our students, colleagues and eduScrum Cert. co-trainers it was important that the eduScrum certification
developed organically.”


Willy Wijnands (Founder of eduScrum) & Kristina Fritsch (Co-Creator of eduScrum)


eduScrum Basic Training info

eduScrum Basic Courses & Training – How to learn with eduScrum (Shu Learning)

“Follow the rule and follow themaster.” (Shu)  We offer different possibilities to step into the eduScrum Shu Ha Ri Learning Path by realizing this way of aquiring the eduScrum framework of agile learning, teaching and co-creating.

In this learning area you will mainly take the role of a student in various insightful and exciting ways. We would love to support you and learn together with you about the ‘art-to-be-agile’ from a strong eduScrum perspective.

– There are no requirements needed for entering the eduScrum Shu Learning area
– Certification: eduScrum Certified Student – Definition of Ready
– Next possible steps: Art2BeAgile sessions (to be taken in sequence or in parallel) and eduScrum Ha Applying learning area


  • Business Participants: €1,125
  • Teachers and Educational Supporters: €375
  • University Students: €75
  • School Students: €0

We also offer customized rates for in-house and in-company training. If you’re passionate about eduScrum but face financial constraints, we welcome you to discuss alternative contributions to the growth of our international eduScrum Community and its library.

Interested in learning more? Feel free to reach out via email at Alternatively, you can join one of our free eduScrum Welcome Tea Sessions. Choose a session that best fits your schedule by visiting: