Join our Welcome Tea Sessions!

In our Welcome Tea Sessions, you can get in contact with the international eduScrum® Team. If you would like to meet someone from your country, just give us a hint, and we would like to arrange a meeting with your eduScrum® trainer nearby. Additionally, we give in each session insights into one topic of the online course ‘Keystones of Agile Learning – the eduScrum point of view’.

In unseren Welcome Tea Sessions können Sie mit dem internationalen eduScrum® Team in Kontakt treten. Wenn Sie jemanden aus Ihrem Land treffen möchten, geben Sie uns einfach einen Hinweis, und wir arrangieren gerne ein Treffen mit Ihrem eduScrum® Trainer in Ihrer Nähe. Zusätzlich geben wir in jeder Sitzung Einblicke in ein Thema des Online-Kurses ‘Keystones of Agile Learning – the eduScrum point of view’.

Resources & Library

Within our collaborative learning space “Art2BeAgile inspired by eduScrum” we are building a library. There you can find various insights and materials about agile learning, teaching and co-creating. For getting access, please, register for free:

You would like to discover and download the eduScrum Guide in your language? Please, click here:

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