eduScrum Community Agenda

Discover our sessions, events & courses in the eduScrum kitchen, the place where our community meets up...

Discover our regular sessions and courses. Join our eduScrum Welcome Tea Session every Monday, and explore our eduScrum Basic Training. Engage in the eduScrum Community of Practice, held mostly on Mondays in the eduScrum Kitchen or Wednesdays at the Mai-ALM. Stay updated with all events and upcoming sessions, including the ongoing overhaul of the eduScrum website. All events can be viewed at the Mainzer Werkstatt für Agiles Lernen und Mitwirken, Mai-Alm, located at the Gymnasium/High School Mainz-Mombach. For inquiries or suggestions, contact us at We look forward to hearing from you!


Excited to feature your topic or event on our calendar! Join us in co-creating an enriching eduScrum community learning experience together!

Join us in the collaborative creation of a rewarding eduScrum community learning experience. We eagerly welcome exciting events related to Agile Learning in our calendar and provide ample space in our Community of Practice and World Journey Sessions for presentations and experiments within the eduScrum Community. Interested? Reach out to us at! Let’s together foster an environment that celebrates innovation and shared learning in the realm of agile education.