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eduScrum Basic Courses & Training – How to learn with eduScrum (Shu Learning)

“Follow the rule and follow themaster.” (Shu)  We offer different possibilities to step into the eduScrum Shu Ha Ri Learning Path by realizing this way of aquiring the eduScrum framework of agile learning, teaching and co-creating.

In this learning area you will mainly take the role of a student in various insightful and exciting ways. We would love to support you and learn together with you about the ‘art-to-be-agile’ from a strong eduScrum perspective.

– There are no requirements needed for entering the eduScrum Shu Learning area
– Certification: eduScrum Certified Student – Definition of Ready
– Next possible steps: Art2BeAgile sessions (to be taken in sequence or in parallel) and eduScrum Ha Applying learning area


  • Business Participants: €1,125
  • Teachers and Educational Supporters: €375
  • University Students: €75
  • School Students: €0

We also offer customized rates for in-house and in-company training. If you’re passionate about eduScrum but face financial constraints, we welcome you to discuss alternative contributions to the growth of our international eduScrum Community and its library.

Interested in learning more? Feel free to reach out via email at Alternatively, you can join one of our free eduScrum Welcome Tea Sessions. Choose a session that best fits your schedule by visiting:


eduScrum Grundlagen-Training Informationen

eduScrum Grundlagenkurse & Schulungen – Wie man mit eduScrum lernt (Shu Learning)

“Folge der Regel und folge dem Meister.” (Shu) Wir bieten verschiedene Möglichkeiten, in den eduScrum Shu Ha Ri Learning Path einzusteigen und auf diese Weise das Framework für agiles Lernen, Lehren und Mitwirken zu erwerben.

In diesem Lernbereich übernehmen Sie hauptsächlich die Rolle eines Lernenden im eduScrum Team. Wir würden uns freuen, Sie zu unterstützen und gemeinsam mit Ihnen eduScrum aus Lernendenperspektive zu entdecken:

– Es sind keine Voraussetzungen erforderlich, um den eduScrum Shu Learning-Bereich zu betreten.
– Zertifizierung: eduScrum Certified Student – Definition of Ready
– Nächste mögliche Schritte: Art2BeAgile-Sessions (in Reihenfolge oder parallel) und eduScrum Ha Applying Learning-Bereich


  • Für Teilnehmende aus dem Business: €1.125
  • Lehrer und pädagogische Kräfte: €375
  • Sonderkonditionen für Trainings in der Mai-ALM sowie an der Hessischen Landesstelle für Technologiefortbildung
  • Studierende an Universitäten und Fachhochschulen: €75
  • Schüler: €0

Wir bieten auch maßgeschneiderte Tarife für Inhouse- und In-Company-Schulungen an. Falls Sie mehr über eduScrum lernen möchten, jedoch finanzielle Einschränkungen vorliegen, laden wir Sie herzlich dazu ein, alternative Möglichkeiten der Unterstützung für das Wachstum unserer internationalen eduScrum-Community und unserer Ressourcen-Bibliothek zu besprechen.

Möchten Sie weitere Informationen erhalten? Kontaktieren Sie uns gerne per E-Mail unter Oder nehmen Sie an einer unserer kostenfreien eduScrum Welcome Tea Sessions teil. Wählen Sie einfach eine Termin via

Stay up-to-date

In a Nutshell: Upcoming events

Below you find all upcoming events that might be interesting for you. There you meet always engaged people being involved in the eduScrum Community. If you want to ‘Meet the Community‘ within the Agile Living Room you need to be registered in at least one course. For instance, participants of the eduScrum World Journey Sessions or the eduScrum Basic Training can step into this collaborative learning space.

Overview of all our eduScrum online sessions

We have carefully curated a series of follow-up sessions designed to further enhance your understanding and application of eduScrum. These sessions will take place regularly, providing you with ongoing insight and support as you become an eduScrum expert.


All our online sessions are on Mondays

Welcome Tea Sessions               

5:00 5:30 pm CET (every Monday)


Basic training sessions                         

2:00 5:00 pm CET


Art2BeAgile sessions                  

4:00 6:00 pm CET


Train the trainer sessions                                        

4:00 6:00 pm CET


World Journey Sessions                                         

5:00 6:00 pm CET



eduScrum Basic training sessions

In 2024 we have also 5 eduScrum Basic Trainings
in the seasons.

Each eduScrum Basic
Training, consists of 4 sessions, from 2:00 – 5:00 pm CET.

Winter data: January 15 & 29 & February 5 & 19

Early Spring data: March 11 & 25 & April 8 & 22

Spring data: May 13 & June 3 – 10 – 24

Summer data: September 9 – 23 – 30 and October 14

Autumn data: November  4 – 18 – 25 and December 9

EXTRA Special Art2BeAgile “WORKPLACE”, sessions

In between the 4 sessions of the eduScrum Basic Training, we have Art2BeAgile sessions, a “WORKPLACE”, where you can join as an option. Free for all people who follow or followed the eduScrum Basic Training. People from outside our community can join too, but they need to pay € 25, – per session. Special Art2BeAgile sessions in our ‘Workplace’ are in between the basic training sessions

Art2BeAgile sessions: 4:00 6:00 pm CET

22 January & 12 February

18 March & 15 April

27 May & 17 June

16 September & 7 October

11 November & 2 December

Train the trainer 4:00 – 6:00 pm CET & World Journey Sessions 5:00 6:00 pm CET

26 February, 22 April, 21 October, 16 December


Art2BeAgile Season Camps

Two full days on Friday & Saturday from 8:30 am 4:30 pm CET July 5th– 6th August 16th-17th & 23th– 24th


Gathering sessions

March 15&16th in Mainz in person

May 24&25th online

November 22&23 in person, location not yet planned.

 To schedule your participation in these sessions, we’ve set up a convenient Calendly link: Calendly – eduScrum®@Art2BeAgile. Feel free to book a time that best suits your schedule or send us an email.


Remember, if you ever have any questions or need further guidance, our doors are always open. Attend one of the follow-up sessions
listed above to speak directly with our experts. Alternatively, don’t hesitate to email us at We’ll be happy to arrange individual appointments to discuss your specific needs.


Willy Wijnands & Kristina Fritsch

eduScrum® Founder & eduScrum® Founder