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About our eduScrum Training & Workshops

Two Day Training (face-to-face/hybrid: open or inhouse)

An eduScrum training consists of 2days and is hands-on where teachers will experience the power of eduScrum and the iterative process themselves. The training has a pragmatic approach, so you can  feel and understand the WHY of eduScrum and what the effect can be and what it can mean to you; co-creative process development, personal development, personalized learning, team development, reflection, customized guidance and much more.
After the training you can immediately and concretely apply eduScrum in your own practice and be able to convert a theme, subject or project into the eduScrum way of working, write an assignment with a clear why, and put content in context in which the curriculum criteria are included. 

Working with eduScrum changes your role from teacher to coach and supervisor of the learning process. You learn to apply eduScrum in approaching your own projects in the form of ” Practice what you Preach ” After the 2-day training you can also become part of our international eduScrum Community. Then you can work together with teachers in your own country or in different countries, 
where we share our experiences together and learn from and with each other

The 2-day courses are given by the eduScrum team and/or license certified trained trainers, who still teach students and work with eduScrum. They do this in an inspiring way with a lot of passion and enthusiastic. 

Online Training & Workshops (open or inhouse)

The same structure and content as the 2-day eduScrum training. Hands-on and interactive. Thanks to the online options, we are more flexible and we can also offer online training at various levels; from teaser workshops to full training and further steps and applications. 


The Cost of an eduScrum Training

  • A 2-day full all-in eduScrum basic training per person with open enrollment (minimum 2 people per school) costs € 600 * (excluding travel costs). The price is based on in-house training, in the Netherlands.
  • A 2-day full all-in eduScrum training costs € 4000 * (excluding travel costs) for 10 participants per school.
  • More people is possible too. The price is on request.
  • The price at another location (open training) is on request.
  • The price for support in-house is on request.
  • Registered in the Central Register of Short Professional Education and exempt from VAT *.


After this training you will receive a certificate and you can register it in the Teacher’s Portfolio for 50 register hours .

  • A training can also be tailor-made .
  • Provide training for a specific target group within the school. 
  • In addition to the eduScrum training, we also provide training in context-oriented education, project-based learning,  that provide a different view and approach to education.
  • Guiding teachers and teams in the implementation of educational innovation in the school.
  • These special trainings are always based on the specific wishes of you and your colleagues of the school where you work. In other words, tailor-made. The price is on request