Welcome to Your eduScrum Online Sessions
(MOOC - Massive Open Online Course)

We are quite sure that you only know eduScrum when you experience it together with other learners...

…but of course we would love to give you some deeper insights and invite you heartedly to take your first steps on our Shu Ha Ri Learning Path by entering our eduScrum Welcome Online Course (MOOC – Massive Open Online Course) explaining the Why, How and What of eduScrum on a first general level ending up with your Definition of Fun Badge.

The first module of our eduScrum MOOC will be published in Spring 2022. But we love to give you insights into our agile eduScrum MOOC development process. While we are learning by doing the MOOC you can observe and learn how we are trying to develop this MOOC in an agile way. Be part of this little eduScrum story and enter our open MOOC development room: