Our Community Spaces

eduScrum Community

In our community we collaborate with people world-wide to develop agile learning, teaching & co-creating further. Are you interested to find out more or would like to enter the eduScrum Community and it's co-creative spaces again? If so, feel whole-heartedly welcome to step into our community space!

eduScrum Trainer Community

Are you an eduScrum Cert. Trainer? If so, here can enter the eduScrum Trainer space and see our current developments. We look forward to see you again!

Art2BeAgile Learning Platform & Library

In this space we gather, share and co-create our knowledge, practical insights, tools, good and best practices, courses etc. and invite everyone who is interested to learn with us!

Agile Living Room

In this space you can get in contact with our community members who are registered in the learning platform, explore our library space and steps on the eduScrum Shu Ha Ri Learning path.