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This is the space and place where the eduScrum Community comes together for deepening certain aspects of agile learning, teaching, and co-creating inspired by eduScrum. Our Practitioner Courses are always connected to the main interest of the “Art2BeAgile” in moments of learning, teaching, and working together. Some of them need a more profound knowledge of “how eduScrum works,” some do not. That’s why people within our eduScrum Community and invited fellows of the eduScrum Community offer open and internal courses & workshops to dig into the various learning fields “Art2BeAgile” provides.

Open Art2BeAgile Workshops & Sessions
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AgileforEd Bookclub

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Internal Art2BeAgile Workshops & Sessions
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(community internal eduScrum Certified Practitioner Sessions)

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Make it Happen Sessions for eduScrum Practitioners sharing their insights into agile learning, teaching & co-creating

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Starting with eduScrum in the first decade meant to begin with a little step thinking Scrum further in Willy Wijnands’ Chemistry Room. The power of one teacher and many students being eager to learn about learning made eduScrum happen.

Building up an environment for more and more interested people and our developing international eduScrum Community also meant to just to start and do to it in 2021. If you would like to support our inspect and adapt cycles, please enter a Happy Bug Day Session or share your ideas and hints on our “Wall of Happy Bugs.”

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