What is eduScrum?

eduScrum is an adaptation of Scrum for all forms of education.

                                                                                          eduScrum turns education upside down!

eduScrum is an active form of collaboration, with which students in teams complete assignments according to a fixed rhythm. They plan and determine their own activities and keep track of progress. The teacher ‘determines’ the assignments, coaches and gives advice.

                                                                                                      eduScrum can give you wings!
                                                                                                 But when you don’t explain the WHY
                                                                                                                 you can’t fly.

With eduScrum, students become the owners of their own learning process, resulting in intrinsic motivation, fun, personal growth and better results. The teacher determines the WHY and the WHAT, the students the HOW. A groundbreaking way of education, where personalized learning plays a very important role, just like the 4 C’s: Creativity, Collaboration, Communication & Critical thinking.



Scrum is a well-developed method to let people work together intensively, pleasantly and with great results. Scrum was developed in the IT world in response to seemingly uncontrollable complex IT projects. In IT, Scrum is booming: more and more very large companies are working with Scrum. Other sectors are also switching to Scrum. The yields are enormous everywhere: speed, job satisfaction and results increase immediately.




eduScrum uses the powerful ceremonies, roles and instruments of Scrum. eduScrum is a framework for a co-creative process and guidance. For example, your own scrum board ‘the flap’ gives students an overview and structure, making the group work transparent. The stand-up with which each lesson starts provides focus and bond and makes you want to get to work. The retrospectives help students to continuously improve their way of working together. Not only in terms of subject matter, but they become aware of their own qualities. That contributes a lot to their personal growth and development. Always a step better …

                                                                                                    eduScrum is easy, but hard to implement

Pedagogical Layer

eduScrum focuses on learning: learning more effectively and efficiently, learning to work together better, getting to know yourself better. eduScrum therefore has an extra ceremony of its own: forming teams based on additional qualities. Own instruments have also been developed that appeal and challenge young people. EduScrum thus puts a powerful pedagogical layer under Scrum.


eduScrum’s yields are comparable to those of Scrum. This way of co-creative collaboration generates pleasure, energy and responsibility; the work is finished faster; the results are better. They learn that you can achieve more together. In addition, students naturally experience positive personal development.

Why does eduScrum work?

Because with eduScrum you can transfer the ‘Ownership’ to the students and give it to the teams. ‘Ownership’ is the secret of eduScrum. The students determine their own learning process! The teacher determines what students “should” learn. The teacher and the class are a team! Together and with each other they go for it. They learn and share information with each other!

The eduScrum Guide: “The Rules of the Game”

You can download the eduScrum guide here