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eduScrum is easy to understand but has its “beautiful” challenges if you would like to apply it as a learner or implement it as a teacher. Every learning project and even the use of a single eduScrum element is strongly connected with its learning and teaching context and the various conditions of learning situations.

There are two spaces in the Agile Living Room. A space for coming together and thinking further in an open space event format. And another space for diving into the deep, focussing specific topics in our eduScrum Practitioner Sesssions about the Art2BeAgile. While the eduScrum Community of Practice Sessions are only open for eduScrum Certified Students, Teachers, Practitioners and Trainers, there are Practitioner Workshops and Sessions that are also open for all interested people.

eduScrum Certified Trainers and interns are eduScrum community members with additional trainer (Ri Tea sessions and days) or internship sessions. Below you find:

eduScrum Certified Trainers

& International Internship

International Internship Onboarding Sessions
- Definition of Communicating & Co-Creating -

About the Agile Living Room

The Agile Living Room is the place and serves the safe learning space for our eduScrum Community to co-work and co-create on a kind of international island.
The island environment is growing at the moment. More and more people are setting their steps on it. Soon, you get more info or might get accidentally in parts where the eduScrum environment touches its internal home of discovering agile learning, teaching, and co-creating together with like-minded people.

Have you got questions about it? If so, feel free to join our Welcome Tea Sessions!